Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the film industry?

When you were young, did you find yourself daydreaming with childlike wonder about being the next big silver screen star?

Did your imagination run wild with elaborate stories that you fully believed were television-worthy?

Did you maybe even find yourself “directing” your childhood friends in the most extensive production your backyard had ever seen?

Well, AWKNG TV Executive Producers Chari Orozco and Shae Wilbur never initially set out to be on the now interwoven film career paths they have suddenly found themselves on. 

Shae Wilbur began her career in front of the camera as a news anchor locally in Jacksonville, FL. One thing led to another, and a door was opened for Shae to take an amazing television career step in none other than Los Angeles, California. Shae spent seven years working both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes of some of the most popular shows in America. Do the names American Idol, Extra, The Real, and America’s Got Talent ring a bell?! But she knew that this special time in California was preparation for something more that she couldn’t yet see. 

Chari Orozco is a jack of all trades! Chari has served in full-time vocational ministry as everything from a worship leader to a content creator to a creative director and just about every imaginable role in between. She has toured all over America with her music. She’s an accomplished author, a podcaster, a pastor, a speaker, and a gifted designer.

So just how did our gifted, creative, and talented Executive Producers get to where they are today at AWKNG TV?!

On the AWKNG TV YouTube series, From the Chair, Shae and Chari invite you into the wild, divine story of how God took their 12-year friendship and interwove their different career backgrounds to now create Kingdom-driven television content side-by-side. 

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