What do you think of when you think about your past? Do you glorify it? Do you hate it? Do you long to relive it, or are you glad it’s over? 

If there is anything I have learned about my past, it is this: we all have things we regret, we all have relationships that went sour, we all have moments we are not proud of, and we all have hours and days we would love to have back. 

But what would happen if I began to look at my past through the same redemptive lens the Father does? Do I genuinely believe God makes all things work together for my good? Because, if I’m honest, it is so easy to condemn myself for my past. I begin to ask questions like, “what were you thinking,” “you should’ve done so much more,” or “tt was all your fault.” 

Then I am reminded of the verse, “He works all things for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28). Do we realize this verse is a promise? A promise for who? For those who LOVE Him! This verse tells us, “God makes all things work together for the good of those who LOVE HIM.” For those who LOVE HIM. When we choose to love Him, He redeems and restores what our past tried to destroy, and He brings redemption to every part of our past. 

I have found when I take my past to God and say, “Here it is God. You can have it all. Even with everything that has happened, I still love you, and I still trust you”. Then with my past in His hands, He begins to purify and remove certain things that no longer serve neither Him nor myself, and He begins to bring forth the good. He begins to pull what He can turn around and restore to the surface: the aspects of our lives that will bring hope to many and bring Him all the glory. 

We have a choice. Will we let Him redeem our past? Will we let Him restore us? Do we begin to see ourselves as He does? Do we begin to speak as He does? 

There is nothing He cannot redeem and work for the good or those who love Him. What if we believed this truth and began to see our past through the same redemptive lens He does?

This blog post was written by Josh Hawk, Pastor/Executive Director with STREAMS of Wholeness & Host of Road to Wholeness on AWKNG TV.

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