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The appeal of cartoons to children seems universal. Little else grabs their attention and imagination in the same way that visual animation does, the result of which means that the shows they view very often direct their ideas, games, and personalities. For all these reasons, it is vital to curate the cartoons and shows that have positive, clean content for this generation’s youth. But with so much out there right now, how can parents sort the wheat from the chaff? It can be very time consuming to scroll through show after show looking for appropriate content, especially with an impatient couple of kids pulling at your leg. AWKNG TV’s Kids Watch & Learn teaches kids biblical truths in a friendly and engaging way, with animation by One-Hope Animation.


Bible shows for kids

New Bible Cartoon Series

There are other options as well. Look at these Christian cartoons and animated series that kids will enjoy, and you can relax by putting them on without having to keep an ear open and a finger on the STOP button.

Streaming Bible Based Cartoons for kids

The time children spend in front of the television today has increased for various reasons. When a child is born, it is like an empty notebook. It’s what we write there that creates their future. It is up to us, their parents to be their teachers and the environment in which they are living to teach them to become better persons.

A global survey shows that 85% of children’s brain structures are already complete in the early years. These are the years where we need to take special care of what we show our children.

At AWKNG TV we want to fill the hearts and minds of our children with the hope, love, and peace that only God can bring. Our children are like sponges and as parents we need to be vigilant at protecting and sculpting these beautiful creations into what God wants them to be.

Religious Cartoon Shows

The best religious cartoon shows blend together faith-based teachings with entertaining characters and storylines. The best bible shows for kids ever shown on television and other devices use positive messages to provide children the tools to inform their faith in daily life. If you’ve been looking for the best bible shows for kids to add spiritual food and fun to TV night, AWKNG TV hopes that you have found this list of bible shows for kids a good starting place for the right mix of fun and faith-based entertainment.
There are two types of religious cartoon shows, which are re-tellings of favorite bible stories, such as the traditional animated versions of “Animated Stories from the Bible” to versions that take a different perspective on the stories, such as “The Story Keepers”. The second type of religious cartoon shows are made from faith-based virtues like love and respect into each episode of a non-bible themed show. This is what is meant when you think of religious cartoon shows like “Davey and Goliath”, “VeggieTales”, and “Little Dogs On The Prairie”.

Online Religious Kid Shows

Kids today have watched their share of animated movies from Disney and other mainstream animation studios. They’ve also seen their fair share of learning TV from places like PBS Kids cartoons. But movies and TV shows advertised as kid-friendly are not always so, and have many uncomfortable adult-oriented themes and concepts which I would have preferred to introduce to my kids in my own time. Luckily there are alternatives to the blockbuster films and kids shows from Disney, PBS and others, provided by AWKNG TV and others.