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If you are looking for Christian preachers on TV, then good news! AWKNG TV has the freshest selection you can imagine. You may already have a view of what a Christian preacher on TV looks like, but let me assure you that they come in all shapes and sizes these days! Even if you are an active member of your own church you may feel the need for continued instruction, bible commentary, bible reading, and bible insight throughout the week. And if you find yourself out of a congregation at the moment, then a Christian preacher on TV is the very thing you need right now. Find your new favorite pastors here at AWKNG TV, and listen and view biblical teaching that fits your lifestyle, from the comfort of your living room, your car, at work, or anywhere that you are able to stream from.




christian preachers on tv

TV Preachers 2021

Women of the Bible is not your typical TV preacher sermon series. It’s a fun series on hilarious and awesome women of the Bible who sometimes get a bad rap told by hilarious and awesome women who also may or may not get a bad rap. That will give you a flavor of what this show is like. The first season is nine, half hour episodes long and was made by AWKNG TV and can only be seen on our website or through our app.

Questions Out Loud is a sermon series with a format that is more traditional than some of our others, but with a topic and subject matter that will absolutely make you question your faith to the core. We consider it a quirky and supernatural sit-down with Biblical scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser where the audience receives a deep dive into angels, demons, and all of the biblical myths and legends no one else will talk about, but which are in all of our bibles in plain black and white. If you believe that the bible is the word of God, then why is it that we ignore so much of it? Answer the challenge to challenge your faith and understanding of the supernatural world as it is portrayed to us in the most holy scriptures.

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From The Archives is just what it says on the label; this show is a time capsule to past messages that share relevant words from the Celebration Church Archives. It is a hand-picked selection of the best preaching that our community has produced, on a wide range of topics and subject matters. This isn’t just a greatest hits compilation of easy crowd pleasers, these words from God are here to challenge, inspire, and excite you. So grab a notebook, get comfortable, and jump into the Celebration Church archive time capsule with us.


What Are Evangelists On TV?

Evangelists on TV thrived in the day of cable access, and bulky TV cameras captured them in the low-tech formality that they were presented in. New technology and new minds are able to deliver the same truths but in a different and original way. No longer does teaching have to be one man talking to us, the listener. Instead we can listen to people having a discussion. For instance, on AWKNG TV’s Passing the Baton, the next generation of teachers pass down revelation that they’ve gleaned from those who have gone before as they sit amongst their peers and friends and take a deeper dive into the word of God. And on The Road to Wholeness we can step into stories of hope from various guests as they seek true healing, breakthrough and wholeness. Hosted by pastor and life coach, Josh Hawk. And for the Supernatural Seminar, we rejoin Dr Michael Heiser as he takes us through what the Bible says about the unseen realm.

While the message of good news, hope, and God’s love is eternal, the way that we tell people that life-changing information changes from age to age, and year to year. The pastors and teachers at AWKNG TV draw from their own experiences in the world to keep bringing the message of faithfulness and love, the same message that changed the entire course of history over two thousand years ago.