Christian Talk Shows

What are the elements that make the best Christian talk shows? Having a focus on sharing news and relatable topics about religious faith are essentials. These qualities make some of the best gospel and church TV shows an important part of our day or week. Many shows have been broadcast for a long time and have transitioned to modern platforms. If you want to find out about the best theological and Christian Talk shows on religious networks or platforms to add some faith to your daily life, this article of the best Christian Talk Shows will help you decide what needs to go into your feed. AWKNG TV is one very safe place to go to, since a lot of thought goes into what is produced as well as what our current society needs in terms of thoughtful content.




Christian talk shows

Christian Talk Show Host

One important quality a good talk show host must have is a strong awareness on when to stop talking and start listening to the guest.

Some talk show hosts are great talkers who can make and keep the audience engaged with the topic on hand that they fail to give enough time for the guest to speak fully, and the hosts to pause and listen to what the guest is trying to convey.

As this happens, there are talk show hosts who would repeat their questions for a guest to answer again because the hosts did not have the decency to allow time for the guest to express himself/herself earlier in the show.

 These hosts would keep interrupting the flow of thought of the guest that sometimes the meat of the discussion is lost, or the guest’s words get drowned out by the hosts’ frequent ramblings.

 At AWKNG TV we focus on what matters and not the host. We strive to get the good news of Christ across to all viewers young and old. Our talk shows are less about the host and guests and more about helping our viewers see Christ.

New Christian Talk Shows on TV

There are new Christian talk shows on TV every year, it seems. AWKNG TV is being instrumental in attempting to bring good, bible-led conversation into people’s homes and their lives. And because of modern delivery methods, show producers can target more specific demographics. This means that these new Christian talk shows can be aimed at teens, or women, minority groups, and others. This means that teens can have talk shows that discuss the issues that they, specifically, are facing. This is the case with AWKNG TV’s Talk it Out, which is a Gen-Z talk show co-hosted by four diverse teens. There are no limits as to where the conversation can take you, so that at times it’s fun and at times its controversial, but it’s always all about Jesus.

AWKNG TV also produces Coffee with Andi. This is a show that runs to just under an hour and is an unscripted conversation led by prominent author and speaker Andi Andrew. The format is based on Andi’s on-going podcast–Coffee with Andi and has Andi chat with and interview her own family and her friends. She will bring in the audience for an intimate and fun glimpse into her life, her struggles, and her relationship as she lays everything bare and takes nothing off the table. For spirit-led, bible-based thought and discussion, Coffee with Andi obviously has a very wide appeal.

Streaming Christian Talk Shows Online

 It is also possible to stream Christian talk shows online. Christian talk shows are delivered either as videos on a show’s website or other online streaming platform, or also in podcast form, either in an edited form or as a live broadcast. Formats can vary from a formal sit-down to a virtual chat with video from people’s own home offices. You can find these on many streaming platforms and dedicated sites like the AWKNG TV website which streams Christian talk shows online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all over the world.