Christian TV Shows

If you are looking for fresh, exciting Christian TV shows with new programming, AWKNG TV is the Christian streaming service for you. AWKNG TV’s streaming service provides our own, in-house series available to stream on all platforms, to all people. We offer something different, providing a wide range of programming, from documentary series, reality TV shows, cooking programs, kids and youth-oriented series, biblical teachings, musical specials, talk shows, and comedy shows.

It has been often repeated that the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the greatest story ever told. It is our great commission to get this message out through the stories and lives of God’s people, and into the stories and lives of God’s people.

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Top Christian TV Shows For Adults

On the AWKNG TV Christian movie app, you will find top Christian TV shows for adults, such as Questions Aloud with Dr. Michael Heiser, a theological teaching show, and Plated with Rebecca Reed, a cooking program. There is the popular Coffee with Andi, a woman’s talk show, and the relevant Talk It Out, a teen talk show. That’s Debatable with Dr. Brown, brings fun and intelligent element to a debate format, and Watch & Learn is a children’s variety show. In The Road to Wholeness, where the pastor and life coach Josh Hawk talks to people who bring us stories of hope and healing from the dark times of their own lives. There are several options for Christian TV apps, but on none of them will you find the content that AWKNG TV provides.


Top Christian TV Shows For Kids

We also offer top Christian TV shows for kids. Generally, the two types of kids’ shows are, firstly, the re-tellings of favorite bible stories, such as the traditional animated versions of “Animated Stories from the Bible”, and shows that take a different perspective on the stories, such as “The Story Keepers”. The second type of Christian cartoons is those made from faith-based virtues like love and respect into each episode of a non-bible-themed show. This is what is meant when you think of religious cartoon shows like “Davey and Goliath”, “VeggieTales”, and “Little Dogs On The Prairie”. The first type is retellings of the timeless stories found in scripture, the second is more imaginative and relevant applications of the virtues found in those same scriptures. Both are informative and both have their place in critical development and thinking.

There are many new options for top Christian TV shows for kids and AWKNG TV creates exclusive series for entertainment and information. Kids today have watched plenty of animated movies from Disney and other mainstream animation studios. They’ve seen their fair share of learning TV from places like PBS Kids cartoons. But movies and TV shows advertised as kid-friendly are not always so and have many uncomfortable adult-oriented themes and concepts which I would have preferred to introduce to my kids in my own time. Luckily there are alternatives to the blockbuster films and kids shows from Disney, PBS, and others, provided by AWKNG TV and others.

Top Christian TV Shows For Teens

There are a growing number of top Christian TV shows for teens as well. AWKNG TV is being instrumental in attempting to bring the good, bible-led conversation into people’s homes and their lives. And because modern delivery methods show producers are able to target more specific demographics. This means that these new Christian talk shows can be aimed at teens, or women, minority groups, and others. This means that teens can have talk shows that discuss the issues that they, specifically, are facing. This is the case with AWKNG TV’s Talk it Out, which is a Gen-Z talk show co-hosted by four diverse teens. There are no limits as to where the conversation can take you, so that at times it’s fun and at times it’s controversial, but it’s always all about Jesus.

AWKNG TV believes that it is our purpose to grow the Kingdom in new media and that to redeem that principality for Christ will be an effective strategy to proclaim the gospel to all peoples of our time. That means that we have to use a new voice and speak in a way that the people of our time understand.


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