TV Baking Shows

If you would like to see fresh TV baking shows, AWKNG TV has got you covered. AWKNG TV is a family TV channel, designed with something for everyone in the family. It has been often repeated that the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the greatest story ever told. It is our great commission to get this message out through the stories and lives of God’s people, and into the stories and lives of God’s people.


Baking Shows 2021

Why would a Christian broadcasting company create baking shows in 2021? AWKNG TV believes so because the world is not what it was fifty years ago—or even twenty years ago. But while there have been numerous cultural and societal shifts, the desire for truth and information is the same as it always has been, but the way people look for that and consume it is very different, almost unrecognizable to just a couple generations prior. These days everyone is binge-watching and discussing shows and content online, as well as in person to friends and family members. They do this all hours of the day, whether they all sit together in the evening to watch something together, stream podcasts and videos throughout the day while working, or just have something on in the background while they unwind. We can’t change that, but we can speak into it.






tv baking shows

Baking Competition Shows

With this idea in mind, it is AWKNG TV’s desire to create a family TV online network to provide healthy binge-worthy family shows, including baking competition shows, and to add positively to those discussions in the form of compelling, entertaining, and captivating TV. Our society has never before consumed as much information as it has now, and new media has become one of the most potent sources of influence. Studies have shown that the average American spends a quarter of their life streaming content via their phone, TV, or computer. We may not be able to change the amount of time people watch TV, but we can provide a healthy alternative that will feed their hearts, souls, and minds in order to inspire them to engage in the values of God’s Kingdom. Faith-based content doesn’t have to mean hours of sermons and messages.

Born from a vision and mandate that the Lord gave to our President and CEO, Pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems, this vision included a decree to change how society consumed media, particularly visual media. It included a picture of what it could look like for the Kingdom to take its place in that same media, and finally contained an essential strategy around using media as a tool to proclaim the gospel to all peoples in our time. We have a bold, new vision which started at our creation in 2020 when our leadership team assembled, and our journey began. With an incredible staff of producers, directors, writers, editors, and designers, show ideas were birthed, sets were built, and production commenced. Right now AWKNG TV is available to stream Christian TV online, bible-based, theologically sound content into homes all over the world, for free and for a paid subscription fee.

Dessert Baking Shows

So you can see that even dessert baking shows can make a difference in the world. But at AWKNG TV you will find more—we have new and exciting shows such as Questions Aloud with Dr. Michael Heiser, a theological teaching show, and Plated with Rebecca Reed, a cooking program. There is the popular Coffee with Andi, a woman’s talk show, and the relevant Talk It Out, a teen talk show. That’s Debatable with Dr. Brown, brings fun and intelligent element to a debate format, and Watch & Learn is a children’s variety show. In The Road to Wholeness, where the pastor and life coach Josh Hawk talks to people who bring us stories of hope and healing from the dark times of their own lives.


TV Baking Shows for Kids

We aim to be the most popular family TV channel, and we’re making leaps to that goal every day, and part of that is TV baking shows for kids. AWKNG TV believes that it is our purpose to grow the Kingdom in new media and that to redeem that principality for Christ will be an effective strategy to proclaim the gospel to all peoples of our time. That means that we have to use a new voice and speak in a way that the people of our time understand.