AWKNG TV is the new alternative to YouTube Kids and Discovery Plus for your family. Captivating entertainment for all is here.

Introducing a new victor who will emerge to conquer the Goliath of negative media currently inundating our society. Making its debut is AWKNG TV: a digital streaming platform unlike anything currently available including YouTube Kids or Discovery Plus.

AWKNG TV is a new streaming service that is at the forefront of providing positive, encouraging, and thought-provoking entertainment. Whether it is addressing questions on Biblical topics, fun talk shows, guidance on living a life rooted in God’s word, topics on the minds of our youth, or releasing your inner chef, AWKNG TV has you covered. By subscribing to this new digital streaming service, you will have access to faith-based programming created with all ages in mind. 

Why is AWKNG TV the alternative to YouTube Kids and Discovery Plus?

Founded by Stovall and Kerri Weems, AWKNG TV uses innovative Christian programming to fill a void in today’s entertainment industry. and AWKNG TV provides captivating and compelling television that addresses relevant topics in a manner that will uphold the principles of living a life on Kingdom mission. Subscribers will be able to watch TV without having to be concerned about questionable content. No longer will parents need to monitor the shows their kids are watching. Instead, they can feel reassured to sit as a family and turn on the TV to shows created not only for their entertainment, but also with the intention of teaching the values of the Kingdom.

Singles and married couples alike will be able to enjoy content that speaks to their stage of life and provides real answers and truth regarding how we can live in today’s world and still honor the Kingdom of God.

Despite all the information available through social media, TV, radio, and other forms of media, one thing is certain; there is always a need to share the word of God and the truth of His love. AWKNG TV is designed to do just that by providing consistent and informative messaging that will bring hope to all those that are watching.

Do not delay – subscribe today! AWKNG TV is leading the charge to redefine how the Church ministers to the world. You do not want to miss out on this movement of proclaiming the Gospel in our time in new ways.

Start your FREE trial of AWKNG TV now and test-drive hours upon hours of unlimited content!