Our Purpose

We believe that the Kingdom taking its place in media is an essential strategy to proclaiming the gospel in our time.

Our Mission

Stepping into the captivating stories of the Kingdom and its people.

Our Vision

We will create compelling, excellent, and entertaining television that invites people to live in God’s Kingdom.


AWKNG TV was birthed out of a vision and mandate that the Lord gave to our founders. This vision included a decree to change how society consumed media, a picture of what it could look like for the Kingdom to take its place in media, and an essential strategy around using media as a tool to proclaim the gospel in our time. After its inception in 2020, our leadership team assembled, and our journey began. With an incredible staff of producers, directors, writers, editors, and designers, show ideas were birthed, sets were built, and production commenced!


The message of the Gospel of the Kingdom is the greatest story ever told, and it’s time to get this message out through the stories and lives of God’s people. Everyone is binge-watching something these days. We desire to create avenues for healthy binge-watching in the form of compelling, entertaining, and captivating TV. Today, our society consumes more content than ever, and media has become one of the most potent sources of influence. Studies have shown that the average American spends a quarter of their life streaming content via their phone, TV, or computer. We may not be able to change the amount of time people watch TV, but we can provide a healthy alternative that will feed their soul and inspire them to engage in the values of God’s Kingdom. It’s time to break the mold of typical Christian TV! Faith-based content doesn’t have to mean hours of sermons and messages. Welcome to the fun, relevant, captivating, and excellent entertainment for all! We think you’ll like it here!