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Our Purpose

We believe that the Kingdom taking its place in media is an essential strategy to proclaiming the gospel in our time.

Our Mission

Stepping into the captivating stories of the Kingdom and its people.

Our Vision

We will create compelling, excellent, and entertaining television that invites people to live in God’s Kingdom.

Stovall Weems

President & CEO 

Kerri Weems

President & CEO 

Karla Adcox

Executive Director

Shae Wilbur

Executive Producer

Chari Orozco

Executive Producer

Esteban Orozco

Technical Director

Njoki Coleman


Maria Pugliese


Chad McGriff


Brittany McGraw

Assistant Producer

Lauren Mencia

Assistant Producer

Bernardo Santana

Director of Photography

Stacey Peterson

Video Editor


Our Amazing Film Crew